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Updates to this website

This is a quick update on where this website is headed and an outlook on the future of the content creation journey that I want to embark on.
Updates to this website
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Hello! It has been a while since this website has been updated or any posts uploaded. Let's discuss some of the changes this website has undergone and its direction for the future!

Looking at the first post, This website took far too long to make. The post discussed how this website came to fruition due to a few projects that wanted to take the name of "Devcafe" from a software company to a gaming café. While some ideas of sharing knowledge didn't pan out the way I hoped they would due to other commitments and life situations, the site remained dormant but alive for a long time, with the occasional updates to its security and a few posts now and then. But what happens now?

Content creation

Devcafe will complement my YouTube, Twitch, and the site formerly known as Twitter, now called X, where I will post updates and more in-depth articles from the videos I upload or some of the smaller Twitter tidbits I'll share. The way the content will flow will be something like this:

  • Streams on Twitch
  • Occasional YouTube videos
  • Tweets
  • Devcafe articles

While I prefer creating content via writing, I also like the idea of streaming. It would allow me to interact with an audience, answer questions live, and provide more organic transitions between the various interests and topics I want to cover.

Debuting as a Vtuber

I have always enjoyed the Vtubing community, as it's a great intersection of technology, animation, and general entertainment. That said, there are a few things that I might do differently than other Vtubers when it comes to sticking to the customs expected from Vtubers, but these are primarily due to schedule conflicts and the fact that I still have a full-time job. Please look at my new profile page or any of my socials. I plan to be a regular, and I'd like to challenge myself to put things out there to see if they stick.

Learning in the open

Much of my content will focus on learning and sharing about technology, programming, and content creation, among other things that I find interesting or important to share. I've heard the concept of "learning in the open" many times, and I find it compelling as a way to invest in oneself and contribute to communities where you feel like you belong.

Final thoughts

I'm excited for the chapters ahead and slightly nervous as this is a significant challenge that is way different from some of the things I've worked on in the past, but I feel positive that regardless of the outcome, the experiences that I'll be able to partake in will allow me to grow more as a person.