Learn more about me! Devcafe's MX admin, Vtuber, and content creator.

Who is Trace?

I'm Trace, the "poster" boy for this website Devcafe MX; the original owner bailed and gave me complete control, and now I get to maintain and post everything at my discretion. Here are a few more details about me.


  • Name: Trace
  • Pronouns: he/him
  • Age: dW5rbm93bgo=
  • Blood type: bm90IHNwZWNpZmllZAo=
  • Birthday: Feb 6th
  • Hobbies:
    • Play with tech.
    • Tinker with my Homelab.
    • Drawing
    • Biking

Who are my "Mama" and "Papa"?

In the Vtubing community, Mama and Papa refer to who designed me and who rigged my model.


My Mama is the wonderful Kamochiruu; please follow her. Her art is fantastic, and I'm honored that she accepted my commissions! She also did the illustration for this website. :D

Concept art

trace concept art.jpeg


My papa is the wonderful Komel from Puppetworks, and their work is fantastic. They guided me through all of the steps on how rigging commissions work. Here's a quick peek of their work in action.

Please consider hiring them for all your rigging needs.


I'd like to mention Feka-kun's wonderful designs for my logo and some of the backgrounds you will see on my stream. They also stream! So please go watch them if you're interested in graphic design.

Look at the logo they made for me :D

Trace Logo Dark Outline.png

When do I debut?

I debutted on April 27th, 2024. Thank you everyone who came to watch and hang out!